Séminaire: Artificial Intelligence against Modern Slavery

Artificial Intelligence against Modern Slavery
Adriana Bora, Queensland University of Technology
Project AIMS (Artificial Intelligence against Modern Slavery) built the first exploration of the application of machine learning to automate the analysis of statements produced by businesses under the UK and Australian Modern Slavery Acts to boost compliance and help combat and eradicate modern slavery. The first phase of Project AIMS is now open source on GitHub!
Adriana Bora will introduce the issue of modern slavery in supply chains. The presentation will focus on the existing modern slavery legislation, requiring companies to publish statements, outlining the steps they are taking to eradicate slavery from their supply chains
· Date: 6 octobre 2022
· Heure: 14:00-16:00

· Location: Salle de Séminaire, SCAI, Bâtiment Esclangon, Campus Pierre et Marie Curie

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